Can Chiropractic Care Cause a Stroke?

For years now, there has been a swirl of mixed information regarding the relationship between chiropractic adjustments and strokes. However, brand new, extensive research from the journal Annals of Medicine has presented findings with perception-changing clarity:

“Manual therapy [chiropractic treatment] does not result in an increased risk of Cervical Arterial Dissection (CAD) [a tear in the lining of the vertebral artery that can lead to a stroke, especially in people age 45 and under].”

The journal found that there was no excess risk of CAD-caused stroke when comparing chiropractic visits to visiting a primary care physician. The fact of the matter is, most folks experiencing precursor stroke symptoms like severe headaches and neck pain are just going to be seeing chiropractors or physicians to address those outwardly expressed issues. The treatment by either doctor isn’t causing the stroke—it’s a non-contributing event while a stroke crisis develops undetected.

That being said, it is crucial for people (regardless of their treatment plan) to be aware of, and to disclose to their care providers, any family history/known risk-factors and symptoms of stroke so that it can be addressed as quickly as possible.

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