Summer Running Tips

With summer now in full swing, many folks are now deep into their running regimen. Here are some great tips to keep your body and progress in check.

Follow the 10% Rule

Only increase your mileage by 10 percent week to week. For example, if your current routine has you running two miles a day, five days a week (for a grand total of 10 miles), you will only want to increase your distance to 11 miles the next week. By slowly-but-surely progressing through your running workload, you allow your body and the muscles the time they need to adjust to your routine without overcompensating and leaving you more susceptible to injury.

Shoe Maintenance and Choice

Did you know that your running shoes need to be replaced after every 250 miles? It's vital that your shoes are in top condition so as to further mitigate your risk of overcompensation-related injury.

Your choice of shoe is key, as well. Folks with average foot arches and normal running mechanics are best fit for stability or neutral shoes. If you have low or nonexistent arches, your best bet is a motion control shoe. Cushioned shoes work well for those with high arches.

By metering your running distance week-to-week and staying on top of your shoe choice and care (in addition to your chiropractic treatment plan), you will maximize the health benefits that running provides, achieve your personal fitness goals, and minimize your risk of injury!

It's a win all-around!