Here is just a sampling of what our patients have to say about the elite-level care they receive at the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic.*


"When I first came to see Dr. Dave, my pain, on a scale from 1 to 10, was an 8. After adjustments and therapies, my pain went down almost immediately. I am treated very well by Dr. Dave and his staff. I will definitely refer anyone in pain to come here." --Leona Bares


"I tried so many other things before finally trying chiropractic. My pain was a 7 out of 10, but after about three weeks of getting adjustments, my pain dropped down to a 2! Everyone here is so friendly and accommodating. I love that Dr. Dave offers suggestions on exercises, diet, health, and vitamins." --Karly Sopcic

"After many visits with other doctors, MRIs, and x-rays, I came to see what Dr. Dave could do for me. I had a foot scan, where he found out I had a collapsed foot arch right away. I absolutely love this place. The staff is so sweet and truly cares about their patients. I wish more offices were like the BBNC." --Tracy Strassman

"Dr. Dave is the best.  After seeing him once, I felt better already the next day." --Steve Klumb

"I was unable to function very well. I was referred to Dr. Dave, and within a few weeks, I was feeling great! My pain was relieved by adjustments and the ultrasound and electric stimulation therapy. The doctor and his staff are great! Each one of my visits is a pleasant experience." --Janet Spaude

"I wasn’t happy with the chiropractor I was seeing, and after hearing recommendations, I decided to come to the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic. I appreciate how Dr. Dave takes time to figure out exactly what I need and how to treat me, unlike other doctors, whose treatment was routine--no matter what the issue." --Amanda Kunz

"I could barely put weight on my feet due to arch problems before coming to the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic. Dr. Dave found the origins of my problems and gave me a heel lift, adjustments, and cold laser therapy. My results were excellent! I love that I can get in the same day I call." --Barb Jobs

"I visited the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic with a serious back problem related to a worn disk in my spine. His substantial knowledge of the human body and chiropractic methods soon got me back on my feet and off painkillers. It has been an invaluable asset to have such a knowledgeable practitioner in our community." --Jerry Zakrajsek

“My back would go out three or four times a year and cause me to miss work for a week each time before my friend told me to come to the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic. Since seeing Dr. Dave, my back hasn’t gone out for five years! Everyone there is wonderful, and they make it a joy to come into the office. It actually feels like I’m going to visit friends every time I go." --Diane Jung

“Due to my low back pain, it was uncomfortable to walk or even sit. But after I had a few regular adjustments and therapy, I started to feel much better. I am now able to do physical activities that I wasn't able to do with my back pain. I even sleep better. Just as my good friend recommended me to the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic, I was able to convince my husband to see Dr. Dave, and now he loves it, too. It's nice to know that when you are in pain, there is a kind, friendly caring staff waiting to help you. Dr. Dave and his staff truly care about their patients!" --Bonnie Leffin

“I went to multiple doctors before I came to Dr. Dave, and I didn’t believe that anyone could help me. When my husband finally convinced me to come to the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic, I still didn’t think that he would be able to help my frozen shoulder. But Dr. Dave proved me wrong! I couldn’t believe the results I had! I love that when I need to, I can call and get in right away. The staff is just great and always there for you. I will never go anywhere else!" --Kim DeSmidt

“I used to suffer from vertigo, cramped muscles, and shoulder pain that I would describe as an 8 out of 10. My son convinced me to leave my old chiropractor and come to the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic. After receiving adjustments, therapy, and exercises from Dr. Dave, my results were 100%. Dr. Dave is one of the nicest and most professional people. He and his wife are a major asset to the community. I love that I can call and get in within an hour, which is super important to me. I always have and will continue to recommend everyone I know to come." --Louise Gundrum

"I started seeing Dr. Dave because I started having sciatic nerve problems. It was to the point that I was always sore. I couldn’t sleep or walk.  After just one adjustment, I was feeling 100% better! I just can’t say enough about the staff or Dr. Dave! It is so convenient that I can walk right on in with no appointment. Dr. Dave and his staff make my life so much easier!" --Kerry Donath-Forster

"He doesn't push useless visits on you. When he's done the most he can for you, he lets you know." --Dale Spaeth